Actor/Producer Dale Godboldo Launches Always In The Club Foundation To Innovate Corporate-Non-Profit Partnerships That Fill Gaps In Current Fundraising Strategies





June 3, 2014

Through private donations, corporate partnerships, and innovative cause related marketing techniques, Always In The Club Foundation will provide funding to charities that promote youth in education, entrepreneurship, and the arts.

LOS ANGELES, June 3, 2014 – Veteran actor/producer and entrepreneur, Dale Godboldo, announced today the formation of Always In The Club Foundation (AITCF). Fiscally sponsored by US Dream Academy (, AITCF is a non-profit that provides funding to charities committed to supporting youth in education, the development of entrepreneurial skills, and training in the arts.

In recognizing that a well-balanced life includes healthy relationships and financial stability, AITCF is devoted to doing its part to prepare young people for the challenges that lie ahead of them. AITCF will work with charities that promote the importance of arts training in the development of children’s emotional and mental strength. AITCF will also work with non-profits committed to education and arming young people with entrepreneurial skills necessary to survive in a rapidly evolving society.

Unique to AITCF’s approach, is its focus on partnering outstanding charities with investors, for-profit companies, educational institutions, and celebrities, to develop revenue-generating projects that will assist those charities in their work. AITCF is also creating an endowment that will provide scholarships, funding for mentorship programs, and assistance in building facilities for training.

AITCF’s mission was inspired by Godboldo’s time as a cast member of the 90’s All New Mickey Mouse Club, where there was sustained, institutional support for the development of skills that are necessary for long-term success in business, and in life.

“The Mouse Club was as much a performing arts high school and business academy, as it was a television series,” states Godboldo. “The structure, support and training we received served as an important foundation for many of us, and why I am passionate about giving young artists and budding entrepreneurs similar opportunities.”

AITCF’s activities will include the creation of partnerships between its affiliate charities, A-list celebrities, and large and small corporations, to implement innovative cause related marketing (CRM) techniques that intentionally, and effectively, leverage fame for the cause of philanthropy and entrepreneurship.

AITCF’s CRM techniques were first developed during Godboldo’s work with the team responsible for 2014’s Oscars Week fundraisers ‘Unite4:Humanity’ and ‘Fame And Philanthropy.’ The events separately featured keynote speakers James Cameron and President Bill Clinton, and raised several million dollars for charity.  Honorees and special guests included Robert DeNiro, Martin Scorsese, Charlize Theron, Halle Berry, Selena Gomez, Sean Penn, Alicia Keys, Julia Louise-Dreyfuss, Eva Longoria, Forest Whitaker, and John Sykes (President, Clearchannel), among others. There were also over 50 media outlets, corporations, and brands that partnered with these events in marketing and donations.

Fame and Philanthropy’s team will produce AITCF’s first red carpet fundraiser and launch party on June 28, 2014. The event will feature a runway fashion show sponsored by the premier boutique retailer in downtown Los Angeles, Brigade LA ( AITCF is also developing multi-media projects, where revenues will be shared with charities committed to developing young people’s skills in the arts, and in business.

For more information on Always In The Club Foundation, please visit:   


Twitter: @AITCFoundation


For media inquiries, please contact:

Aniesia Williams, CEO, GOTO Ladies

Phone/Fax: 888.820.0616, Ext. 101

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