Godboldo Executive Producing TV Pilot w/ Hood River & creator of FINAL DESTINATION

Final Destination creator sells pilot about demon created by online hatred

 | POSTED ON MAY 5, 2017 AT 1:40PM EDT

Producer Andrew van den Houten’s Hood River Entertainment has acquired The Feeda new TV pilot from Final Destination creator Jeffrey Reddick and Stephen Twardokus and based on an original idea by Roy Crabaugh, EW can reveal exclusively. 

The Feed is a supernatural series about a demon, created by online hatred, negativity, and vitriol, that uses technology to manipulate, torment, and kill its victims. The plan is for each season to explore a different aspect of American culture, and bring to light characters’ deepest fears, as the demon grows stronger and stronger. In season 1, the demon infects the smart house of a prominent African-American family and exploits the insidious undercurrent of racism in their community to terrorize them and tear the family apart. Season 2 focuses on a middle-class, Christian family whose beliefs are warped by the demon to turn their town against them. A group of demonologists and computer hackers will team up with survivors of each season to form a resistance intent on stopping the demon before it grows strong enough to infiltrate technology everywhere.

The pilot has been written but has yet to be shot. The Feed will be produced by van den Houten and Andy Steinman, with Dale Godboldo (American Crime Story) executive producing.

Reddick dreamed up the concept behind the Final Destination series — in which Death itself essentially acts as a slasher villain — and co-wrote 2000’s original film. More recently, he wrote the horror film Dead Awake (out May 12), which stars Jocelin Donahue, Brea Grant, and Jesse Bradford and concerns the subject of sleep paralysis. Van den Houten’s credits include 2011’s The Woman, Camera Obscura (out June 9), and Jenn Wexler’s currently-in-production The Ranger.

“As a huge fan of Black Mirror, as well as socially conscious horror, I was excited by the uniquely twisted world of The Feed,” van den Houten said in a statement. “The concept dissects the human condition in a way that we’ve never seen before. I’m thrilled to help bring this project to life.”

 “I’m excited to work with Andrew van den Houten because he’s a producer who’s not afraid of peering at the dark underbelly of society,” said Reddick. “Get Out proved you can scare the hell out of people by examining the darkness that festers just below the surface of life. The Feed is a supernatural thriller, but the real world horrors, the scary way people can be manipulated through social media and the evil that we are capable of inflicting on each other are the themes that I’m really excited about exploring with my co-writer, Stephen Twardokus and Andrew.”


‘Final Destination’ creator sells pilot about demon created by online hatred

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