Launching CITY GALA 2018 – For Project:NOW Initiative

What an EXTRAORDINARY night!! My Project:NOW initiative held our first campaign rally for CITY GALA 2018 in Newport Beach, CA at the Lincoln Experience Center, with a packed house of socially conscience leaders in business and philanthropy! With over 200 guests, we highlighted the work of Project:NOW and 3 of our other City Gala beneficiaries: Conscious Capitalism, Brilliant Futures Foundation, and the Firelife Foundation. We also held a special screening of Henning Morales’ “Dirt Merchants,” and had a chance to hear from Inc. Magazine contributor, Tracy Leigh Hazzard.

Our City Gala Campaign Rallies are free events produced throughout the year, and around the country, in the run-up to the evening of the post-OSCARS event. The purpose of these rallies is to educate and inspire our network, and activate and expand our global community of supporters.
A very special thank you to Ryan Long, founder and Executive Producer of City Gala, who never ceases to amaze me with his tireless commitment to philanthropy and making a meaningful impact in communities. Thank you Ryan, you’re a rock star.
If you’re not familiar with CITY GALA, check out our RECAP VIDEO below! And come on inside our Campaign Rally in Newport Beach by checking out some pics from the evening.

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