Johnny Depp Joins Our 5th Annual City Summit & Gala

I couldn’t be more excited to share that Johnny Depp will be our special guest speaker at the 5th Annual City Summit & Gala on Feb. 7-9th on Oscars weekend.

We launched City Gala to support start-up charities tackling important issues from homelessness to the trafficking of slaves. In addition to providing programmatic and funding support, our approach has been to also support entrepreneurs with innovative business solutions to global grand challenges.

The Gala caps off a 3-day networking and business acceleration experience called the City Summit featuring world-class speakers and top professionals supporting socially conscious entrepreneurs who want to learn, grow, thrive… and give. To quote one of the tech industry’s leading investors, Ashton Kutcher (2018’s City Summit guest speaker)

“There are extraordinary opportunities that are out there, and unbelievable things that can be built. Every problem that we face as humans is an opportunity to build a business.” 

We’ll soon announce our City Summit speaker line-up of dozens of top professionals and visionary entrepreneurs who want to network with our community, and share invaluable tools, techniques, inspiration, and motivation. So stay tuned!

This is a banner year for us and I hope you’ll join me 🙂

Get Tickets to the 5th ANNUAL CITY SUMMIT & GALA

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