The SUPERSTITION brand from writer JEFFREY REDDICK (creator of the $650m “Final Destination” franchise) is Executive Produced by Dale Godboldo and Arthur Wylie. Projects explore superstitions around the world with planned properties traversing multiple platforms of media. “The Final Wish” begins this exploration and will hit theaters nationwide top of 2019.

See “The Final Wish” ROTTEN TOMATOES (100% Certified Fresh)

In a co-production with Ingenious Media (Avatar, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Life of Pi), “Superstition – The Rule of 3’s” will feature a diverse cast of millennial superstars, and explores the superstition that death occurs in threes.

Dale is an Executive Producer of #MMC30: www.MickeyMouseClub

Dale is COO and Fiscal Sponsor of The Marquee City Summit & Gala

Dale will appear in a recurring role as DARIUS in the upcoming series, “Palomino & Swizzy” by Adaptive Studios (HBO’s Project Greenlight).


“Flyy Girl” is a drama based on the NYT Bestselling trilogy of novels by Omar Tyree. Produced By Lionsgate/Codeblack & Effie Brown, and Executive Produced By Dale Godboldo & Arthur Wylie.

A trilogy of films about the legend of Annie Palmer - The White Witch of Rose Hall. Written and Executive Produced by the creator of the $650 million franchise, FINAL DESTINATION.

A film trilogy about the legend of Annie Palmer – “The White Witch of Rose Hall.” Produced by Dale Godboldo and Arthur Wylie for Global Renaissance Entertainment Group, and Written & Executive Produced by the creator of $650 million franchise, FINAL DESTINATION.



Produced by Dale Godboldo and Ion Overman“The Maryanne Godboldo Story.” Although a pillar of the community, Maryanne’s life was changed forever when she faced the threat of a SWAT team assault for refusing to give her daughter harmful psychotropic drugs, and took on the State of Michigan to protect her daughter’s life. The fact-based film and ongoing case pierces the heart of a national issue that is being debated in the United States Congress and the media about the state’s role in prescribing expensive and potentially dangerous medications to minors.   SEE VIDEO HERE

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