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At the height of the pandemic, I Executive Produced #Emerge – a virtual experience hosted by En Vogue’s Rhona Bennett to help raise awareness and funding for GetUsPPE.org and the #GetUsPPE campaign. I am so incredibly proud to share that we completed our mission to get PPE to those who need it most. Thank you to all of you who supported this campaign, and please read the impact details below. And to… Read More

… Let us be the voice for the voiceless, and spread hope for those who often feel invisible in the eyes of society.” – Orlando Bloom, Actor & Humanitarian My deepest gratitude to Orlando Bloom for helping us launch the ‘Unexpected Voices’ advocacy campaign by the Academy of United States Veterans to give a voice to the voiceless – veterans struggling with mental health and those who have lost the battle to… Read More

So proud to share this international collaboration of artists on a reimagined classic by our MMC’89 Initiative💥 GET THE NEW SINGLE AT: https://mmc89.ffm.to/inyoureyes 🎶 Brought to you by Always In The Club, LLC/M12 under our MMC’89 Initiative, and recorded from around the world – The Philippines, the UK, California, Boston, Nashville & Atlanta. By Journey’s Arnel Pineda & En Vogue’s Rhona Bennett [feat. Tony Lucca, Tubsy, Chasen Hampton, Deedee Magno Hall, David… Read More

As we end one of the most challenging years this country has faced in decades, I wanted to thank all of you that supported my efforts. With the killing of George Floyd coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic, it became clear that I needed to shift my focus to virtual experiences that would explore not only the difficult conversations around racial justice, but would also look to bring some inspiration, cheer and support to those in need…. Read More

Going into Christmas and feeling so incredibly thankful for all of you that have supported what we hope will be a classic record in your playlists every holiday season. THANK YOU And huge thank you to Grammy.com for premiering our music video, “Go Tell It On The Mountain!” Remember that every stream, download or CD purchase supports our charity partners MusiCares, Cast Member Pantry & BraveOfHeartFund.com, and their work to help some… Read More

Guys! I’m so excited to share People’s exclusive announcement and story on our mission to support some incredible charities in these times of need. READ STORY

MMC Radio features music by cast members from all 7 seasons of the 90’s Mickey Mouse Club with shows built around former Mouseketeers Rhona Bennett (En Vogue), Tony Lucca (NBC’s The Voice) and Dale Godbodo (FX’s The People v. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story), among others.  M12.tv will air a holiday special event  “Why? because its Christmas” which is sponsored by M12 Champagne. It will be hosted by former Canadian Downhill skier and M12… Read More

ICYMI, I got to do a little somethin’ on episode 4 of HBO’s Perry Mason. This role was particularly special to me, as the character is fighting for racial justice in the 30’s… and frankly, his words are still relevant even today. If you haven’t seen the show yet, do yourself a favor. Great series. Beautifully shot and the acting is incredible. Definitely one of my favorites of the year. Here’s a… Read More

We’re still in disbelief that with your support, we hit our funding goal within the first 48 hours with a mere 300 backers! To all of you that are backing our indiegogo campaign to support MusiCares and The Brave of Heart Fund – Thank you! I also wanted to thank all of you out there who’ve supported my other efforts throughout the crises we faced this year (and still facing). With your support… Read More

We’re having a collective heart awakening across the globe, and while the old paradigm is falling away, a new one is forging ahead with determination. I’m looking forward to lending my voice through #Emerge to usher in the next vision defining our destiny. – Rhona Bennett, Executive Producer & Host So many of us are struggling with anxiety, fear, confusion, anger… and pain. Many of us are taking action in the streets for real… Read More

On June 12th we honored the 49 angels who tragically lost their lives at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando to a senseless act of hate four years ago. In our commitment to diversity, inclusion and the City of Orlando, and together with the support of our fans, family and friends, cast members of The ‘All New’ Mickey Mouse Club were able to donate $10,000 dollars to onePULSE Foundation from our #MMC30 Reunion event… Read More

“… this is the nexus between art and activism — glamour up against the hard realities in the world. Through the lens of consciousness, our future is determined by how well we can integrate these 2 parts of our mind…” – James Cameron Today I had the great honor of speaking with some of our future leaders looking to push forward important ideals through the medium of film. Thanks for having me… Read More

I was honored to sponsor and co-emcee what would be the final City Summit & Gala 2020. Also sponsored by IBM, the 5th annual event celebrated actress and philanthropist Demi Moore, who was honored with City Gala’s Inspiration Award on the evening of the Academy Awards. The evening’s purpose was to promote and support chosen organizations through our Global Unity program, that trains and supports start-up charities founded by visionary community leaders. The weekend of events… Read More

More than a brand… it’s a lifestyle. Crazy & Fearless brand sponsored City Summit with a FREE vacation package included with a ticket purchased through http://www.CrazyAndFearless.com! Check out my recap of the event: https://iamdalegodboldo.com/2020/03/10/supporting-start-up-charities-socially-conscious-entrepreneurs-on-oscars-weekend-with-demi-moore/  

ICYMI… 2019’s 4th Annual City Summit & Gala was absolutely incredible!!! Headliners were: Colin Farrell | Golden Globe Winning Actor & City’s 2019 Inspiration Honoree Les Brown | Motivational Speaker & City’s 2019 Legacy Honoree Allison Larsen | Speaker’s Coalition & Author, Soul Intuition Kevin Harrington | Original Shark Tank & Inventor of Infomercials Randy Jackson | American Idol Mario Lopez | Extra TV Lynn Rose | Launch You Now & Host… Read More